FAQ's about our personalized children's book

"The magic of FC Barcelona"

Who is "The magic of FC Barcelona" book for?


"The magic of FC Barcelona" is the first book on the market that contains a customised story on the FC Barcelona club, an exciting story where children aged between 0-10 years will feel the main character on his own futbol adventure.


Can I choose which player of FC Barcelona may appear in the book?


During the story different players from the FC Barcelona team will appear, who will accompany the main character in an exciting day of football and magic at the great Camp Nou stadium.

It is not allowed to make changes on the characters that appear, but we guarantee that a minimum of 9 players of the first team will be present in the book.

We reserve the right to periodically make changes to players who appear, due to possible movements in the FC Barcelona team.


Can I purchase the book in stores?


The book "The magic of the FC Barcelona" is exclusively available on the Internet, only in our website www.themagicoffcbarcelona.com


How will physical book I receive look like?


Each personalized book is digitally printed on a DIN A4 landscape format in glossy paper and the weight is 170gsm. You can choose between hard or soft cover, as well as customised cover option. The book has a total of 42 pages.

How much does the book cost?


The basic book is priced at $36.99, VAT included. There are a number of additional options that you can add to your order. For example: for just $5.99, you can buy your book with the hard cover (carton of 2 mm thick) or if you would like to get the book urgently, you can reduce the time of delivery with an additional charge of $15.99. You can select these options on step 3 of the purchasing process.


How much is the shipping?


If you choose the standard shipping option when you place your order, the cost is $5.99. If you wish to receive your order through express delivery with tracking, prices vary depending on the country of destination, for ex. for USA you will have to pay $15.99.


How long is the delivery time?


Don't forget that each book is personalized and we do not have books in stock. Each copy is printed on demand, including the personalized cover, at the time that the user makes the purchase. Time frame with standard delivery is 20 working days. However, if you need it urgently, we have at your disposal a preferential service which will allow you to receive it within 15 working days  (with an extra charge of $15.99).


What happens if I made a mistake during the purchasing process?


If you've made a mistake in selecting the character, inserting the name, or adding your personal dedication, you have 20 hours after making your purchase to communicate it, except in cases in which you selected the "express delivery" option, as these orders are transferred immediately to the printers. Past this time we will not longer make any change or refund. Please get in touch with us through hello_us@themagicoffcbarcelona.com.


Can I cancel my order or request a refund?


You may only cancel your order in the following circumstances:

1. During the 20 hours after the confirmation of the order (except in express delivery orders).

2. If we have not been able to deliver the order within 35 days after the date of the order, you are entitled to apply for your refund.

3. in the case of damaged products, as soon as you have discovered the damage (taking into account that the product has been inspected as soon as possible after being delivered and in no case beyond 14 days after the receipt of the product). Notifications involving a desire for cancellation must be sent by email to hello_us@themagicoffcbarcelona.com.

We remind you that the products offered in our store are made in accordance with the specifications of the user and personalized. The right of withdrawal shall not apply. For more information about our returns and cancellations policy can be checked at our "terms and conditions" section.


How can I identify that it is an official product of the FC Barcelona?


Each book must include "Official Product FC Barcelona" stamp at the top-right corner of the cover. In addition, you must locate a security sticker (includes a hologram), which shows that this is an authorized product.


Will you let me know when my order has been delivered?


When your book has been printed, you will receive an email notifying the shipping of your order. Unfortunately the delivery does not include a tracking number. If you have any questions regarding your order please contact us by sending us an email to hello_us@themagicoffcbarcelona.com.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We will be happy to assist you!